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Sophia Williams-Martin
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Welcome to Soulfusion Therapies a place of energetic balance and support.

Why choose Soulfusion Therapies?

I like to shake up our healing processes and through the modes of Kinesiology and art as therapy, we can work together to create dynamic and effective change in your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health.

I will encourage you over time to listen, acknowledge and action what you deep down already know about yourself and take steps towards decisions that embody the healthy optimal you.

Whilst in a safe space you can explore the difficult questions, allow your rawness to express itself, become comfortable with your inner self and dance from the edges to the core of your truth.

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We get into the nitty gritty. How can I support you? How do you want to change? We will discuss your history, patterns, habits, fears, dreams and lifestyle to get a clea...
Initial Kinesiology
1 hr. 30 min.
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  • Active board member of the Australian Kinesiology Association (2020).

  • Diploma Qualified Level 5 Professional Kinesiology Practitioner.

  • Published practitioner of 'In Touch' Australian Kinesiology Magazine.

  • Diploma Qualified Art Therapist (M.I.E.C.A.T).

  • 'Working with Children' Blue card is current and can be sighted.

  • Improving my knowledge base annually via professional development and National and International Conferences.