Kristy Benson

"Sophia is an amazing woman who does amazing work. I honestly couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Every time that I do work with Sophia I dive deeper into learning about myself. I always feel welcome, supported and safe when doing Kinesiology with Sophia, which is why I always get so much out of it. Thank you, Sophia!"

Debbie Stubberfield

"I thoroughly recommend Soulfusion Therapies. I have had the pleasure of receiving many Kinesiology balances from Sophia during the last 18 months. She has greatly assisted me to discover "me" and to release limiting negative emotions of myself, my abilities and unhealthy patterns which has allowed me to grow and become a more confident person. Sophia is very intuitive, resourceful and she is a natural when it comes to getting to the bottom of a situation. Her bubbly nature brings a beautiful "fun" feeling to the session. Great work and thanks Sophia!"

Simone Outred

“Sophia helped us immensely with my 5 yo son. I knew something was not quite right as he just wasn’t himself. Being a shy 5 yo he initially was difficult to engage but Sophia’s calmness and persistence had him interacting within minutes. Once we started the adjustment we could see almost instantly the change in him. By the time we had finished, it was like I was taking a totally different child home. One that was calmer and more centered. We will definitely be going back for more consultations and I highly recommend her for anyone with a child thinking about kinesiology.”