Healing can be serious fun


I am passionate about supporting you and believe that together we can create meaningful change. 


By understanding and accepting our patterns we create significant shifts that are supportive, healthy and life-embracing - whether this is nutritional, emotional, physical or all three.


My clinic is based around clearing these stressful events, encouraging confidence and self-awareness. To make empowering choices in life from a place of responsible, centered, inner knowing of yourself.


I have a teaching background of 20 years engaging with unique people in unique environments within remote and special education settings. In 2009 I became aware that my focus needed to change direction and in 2010 I began training as an alternative health practitioner.


* Level 5 PKP Kinesiologist - Diploma in Kinesiology 2018

* Art Therapist - Diploma in Experiental and Creative Art Therapy 2012


Previously I have facilitated women circles and healing spaces for community events in Darwin, Alice Springs, and Melbourne. Each event provided participants with an opportunity for safe sacred healing fun.


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